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Windows 10 Installation

How to Install Windows 10 Using Bootable USB Drive

Want to reset the Windows 10 Setup in your PC or transitioning from Linux Operating system to Windows 10 but don’t know how to install it, in this article you …


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Which one is better? – or

Ever wondered what are the differences between & when trying to create a website for your business or passion. So let’s talk about it. Introduction: So the first …


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Wordpress on localhost

How to Install WordPress on LocalHost: Step by Step Guide

Want to install WordPress on localhost, here are some very easy steps to install WordPress on a local server. If you want to practice the WordPress terms and how it …

Google Blogger Mobile App Review

New iOS 14 Review


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Google Blogger

Google Blogger Mobile App Review


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VR- Technicate

What is the Virtual Reality

Top 10 Budget Smartphones under 15000 INR

Top 10 Budget Smartphones Under 15000 INR