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permalinks in WordPress

How to Change Permalinks in WordPress for Better SEO

Let’s see how to change the Permalinks in WordPress for Better SEO. As we all know, having good quality content is not enough to get on the Google search result. …


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Wordpress plugins

How to Install Plugins in WordPress

Plugins are like the main source to handle your website at its best. there are thousands of plugins to choose from when it comes to WordPress. In this article, we …


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Top essential software

Top 10 Essential Software for Windows 10

When you bought a new laptop or computer, you need essential software for your computer to operate more effectively and easily. This software makes your operations easy and simple. To …

Ubuntu: Review, Installation and Facts You Should Know


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Google Blogger

Google Blogger Mobile App Review


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selfie camera mobiles

Best Selfie Camera Mobiles Under ₹20K

Mi smart band 6_technicate

Mi Smart Band 6 Specification