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Google Blogger

Is Google Blogger app is good for writing articles for your blog? Let’s find out.

I’ve used this app for 2 weeks, and it is okay but not as good as the web version of the Blogger.

Google Blogger
Source: Google Play Store
This app does not have all the setting and menus which desktop version provides. It will give you the good experience of writing articles on mobile using this app if only that’s what you want.
There is no option to set a featured image for the current post; the first image in the post will automatically be your featured image for the article (if your blogger theme shows feature post image).
This post is written using the Google Blogger Android App and overall experience writing this article is quite good actually.
If you want to write an article on-the-go, this all is really handy.
Click here to download the app for Android.
Click here to download the app for iOS.
Please let me what you think about this article and what app or alternate app you are using for blog.

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