How to Change Permalinks in WordPress for Better SEO

permalinks in WordPress

Let’s see how to change the Permalinks in WordPress for Better SEO.

As we all know, having good quality content is not enough to get on the Google search result. While posting content on our site, we have to see the URL link of the post/article title.

A better URL link format will help our article to get searched on Google and also sometimes easy to even type by ourselves if we know what is the topic we are searching for.

In this article, we will see some types of permalinks used in WordPress and choose the one which suits your site.

To check the permalinks, log in to your WordPress site and then go to Settings > Permalinks.

In permalinks, you will find the format of the links you can choose from for your post links.


As you can see above image, you can choose any link format for your blog. If you are going to write a lot of articles and want to show them as an archive, you can choose the Numeric link format where posts will be shown as numbers in the archive.

Or you can simply use the Post Name link format for the post links which shows the post title after the website’s URL. This link format I prefer the most as it is easy to read the title and website from the Google search page itself.

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You can also set a custom structure for your permalinks, just use the available tags shown in the above image or you can create one and apply it for your blog.

As I use Yoast SEO for my SEO optimization, here’s an article about what is Permalinks and how permalinks are important for SEO.

That’s it.

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