How to Install WordPress on LocalHost: Step by Step Guide

Wordpress on localhost

Want to install WordPress on localhost, here are some very easy steps to install WordPress on a local server.

If you want to practice the WordPress terms and how it actually works, to install it on your localhost is a good idea before making your site live for the world without having the knowledge of how to modify your site or how to change your WordPress theme or anything which is related to WordPress.

It is better to install WordPress on localhost before buying hosting and creating your website lively on the hosting server.

Before starting

There is some confusion about and is self a website creator with its free (*terms and conditions) services and you can’t install it on your localhost because it already provides the hosting with your website. To know more about these two, read our article about the differences between and

So you know the difference now, so can start the procedure.

What you need to install WordPress on localhost:

There are some things you need to download and install on your Windows computer.

The first thing is, you need to download the file from its official website. After downloading the file, extract it on the Desktop.(you can extract it anywhere, but Desktop is a good place to remember nothing else.)

The second thing is, you need to download and install the XAMPP software on your Windows computer. This software is the main thing to run your WordPress locally. XAMPP is the software which lets your app use your computer as a server. You can download it from its official site. For more details, click here.

Xampp download page

Steps to Install WordPress on Localhost:

  1. You have downloaded and installed the XAMPP software. It will be installed in C:\xampp, Now you have to go to C:\xampp\htdocs and create a folder and rename it with whatever you want to name your website or project. And it that folder, copy and paste the WordPress files that you extracted on the Desktop.
  2. Now open the XAMPP Control Panel. in that, you have to start some services. Start the Apache and MySQL service.xampp control central
  3. Now after starting these services, go to the chrome browser or any web browser and type localhost/PHPMyAdmin in the URL section and enter. The new page will open.
  4. In this page, click on the Database option on the Menu Bar. You have to create a new database for your WordPress website, don’t worry its really easy.phpmyadmin-database
  5. To create a Database you just have to enter the same website name that your folder name in htdocs and click on Create button.

After creating the database, close the tab and in a new tab enter localhost/your-website-name/wp-admin in URL and enter.

Now you have to configure the WordPress. In that, select the language you prefer then click continue. On the other page, click on the Let’s Go button to start.

In this new page, the database name will be the Database name that you have entered in the process of creating the database, the username will be “root” and password leave it blank. And all the other information will be untouched.

Then click submit button and on the next page click on the Run the Installation button.

Now you have to fill in the details for WordPress.

Enter the Site name, Username you want, password and your email-ID which is important for the recovery of your WordPress account and click Install WordPress.

Now the after installation, log in to your WordPress account with your username and password.

And done. You have successfully installed WordPress on your localhost server.

Now you will see the Dashboard of your WordPress site where you can add themes for your site, modify your website in the settings option also you can add pages, posts, categories and more in your WordPress website.

Modify your WordPress Website:

You can now easily modify your WordPress website with this WordPress Dashboard. Also, I have uploaded some articles that will help you to design your WordPress website.

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