Top 10 Essential Software for Windows 10

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When you bought a new laptop or computer, you need essential software for your computer to operate more effectively and easily. This software makes your operations easy and simple. To use some function or to see videos or to download something from the internet, you need software for that. So in this article, you will find the top 10 essential software for Windows.

Essential software:

Google Chrome

When you install Windows OS, it comes with the Microsoft Edge browser, which is not that functional and still has a small plugin market as compared to Google chrome. Google Chrome is a very fast and flexible browser made for multiplatform. Google Chrome has a large plugin/app store which makes the browsing experience more fun. It also has lots of security options and setting for syncing the browser data through your Google account with all your google devices. So I highly recommend you to download this browser.


Winrar is the most essential software on the list. It is an archiving utility with supports every archiving extension file to pack and unpack. It also has an interactive user interface. I highly recommend Winrar to users who mostly handle the big-size data which needs to be archived in small sizes. The alternative app called 7zip is also very fast and flexible archiving software you can use. It only has a less interactive interface and needs to be set default with other properties.


VLC is as usual the best media player I have ever used and can say you also have heard. I have used lots of media players like KM player but this really stands out. It can play almost any video with any media extension like MKV, MP4, MPG etc. It is really easy to use and provides lots of features like fixing the subtitles on its own, and lots of different types of options for Video, audio and other support. Do try it.


CCleaner is the most popular freeware cleaner globally. It has many functions to make your computer perform faster than usual, secure and stable. Cleaning duplicate files, caches, cookies, temporary files and various other unusual data that clogs up your operating system. You should really try this out.

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Adobe PDF Reader

This PDF reader is the most popular and easy-to-use PDF reader you can find. This reader gives almost all options of viewing, printing, signing and commenting on PDF etc. It has a modern, tabbed viewing interface that allows you to view multiple documents from within the same window. The free version gives the basic features but for other features, you have to pay for a subscription.

Microsoft Office

Microsoft Office is one of the most important software needed for your computer. If you have to do so much paperwork or on excel sheets, some of the premium Windows 10 OS come with the in-built MS office. So you don’t need to install it again. To set up this, you need a Microsoft account to sync all files to Onedrive to access it to any device which is connected to the same account. This is of course not free software, you have to buy the subscription to use it after the trial version period ends. Yet it is the best Office software as compared to other free ones.


Utorrent is a torrent client like BitTorrent. It helps you to download files using torrent magnet links. It has many features like scheduling downloads, bandwidths, prioritization and many more. It has very simple controls like pause, download, Force start, resume etc. Utorrent has many other software versions like Alpha, Beta and Web versions to use for Windows.

Internet Download Manager

Best Download Manager I have ever used. Seriously, guys, this download manager is the best one. You can download almost anything using this manager. IDM also provides browser extension buttons to all download links you will see on the webpage. It comes with easy controls like Play, resume, pause or queue the downloads etc. Even you can download youtube and other platform videos through this software. It is not free but you can try this for a month.

Quick Heal Antivirus

Quick Heal Antivirus is the one I used most as compared to other antivirus software. When it comes to Windows, you definitely need an antivirus to protect your PC from any virus or malware. There are lots of antiviruses out there to choose from.  Quick heal antivirus has various versions like total security, Net security etc. It works faster than other antivirus and protects the PC from malware.

IObit Software Updater

IObit software updater is software provided by Filehippo. It updates almost all your Windows software. To download and update every software separately is such a hassle, so this software keeps the software updated as the latest version comes. You can choose which software to update and which to not. You can update all the software at once as per the latest version available.

This is it. These all are the suggestions which I personally used in the past and still use as essential ones. You can also choose different software as per your need. Let us know if you use any other software which is also essential for you, do let us know in the comment.

Thank you for reading.

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